Thursday, March 16, 2017

You've heard of Ebates!

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Buffalo New York a Medium Metropolitan

I live in the city of Buffalo located in the west of New York State we have a population of about 250,000 people, with that number fluctuating up and down some leave some stay. We have a major lake on the border of the city Lake Erie. We are neighbors with our Canadian friends Canada which is located right over the Peace Bridge if you come down by the water you can see it right across the lake. Buffalo has a mini mass Transportation system trains, buses, and cabs you can pretty much get wherever you need to go. Buffalo is also home to the Buffalo Bills a NFL Football, The Buffalo Sabres, and the Buffalo Bison's while Im no sports enthusiast these teams Do represent the city. Its possible that Buffalo can be one for tourism, their are things to see and do, in the summertime its numerous activity, you have the naval park on the water front with historical naval ships and sub-marines,you have the Miss Buffalo which will sail up and down Lake Erie Toward Niagara, You have the summertime concert series which a plethora of groups of all music backgrounds from country to rock R&B and Hip Hop... listening for everyone, you have the Seneca casino which is expanding for tourism purposes, you have the First Niagara Arena at the foot of downtown for many majors events, sports games, concerts, and shows right up Main Street you also have Shea's Theater for Broadway acts, concerts, and live shows as well. Buffalo has it cultural aspects too,Right on Michigan Avenue is the Michigan street Baptist church, an underground railroad site where Harriet Tubman once came we have the colored musicians club on Broadway in Buffalo the African American Cultural Center on Masten ave, and the Frank Merriweather Library On Jefferson ave as well. Buffalo is a Mini thriving city, compared to our sisters, the five Burroughs on the New York Island of Brooklyn,Bronx,Manhattan,Queens,Staten Island we have our educational Institutes, University @ Buffalo,Buffalo State, Canisius,D'Youville ,We have Supermarkets and shopping centers we have historical neighborhoods(Allentown)(Blackrock) We have major parks Delaware Park, Foot of Ferry, Waterfont and Martin Luther King Park Riverside We have the Buffalo Science museum and the ART gallery(Much More). We are Known for 2 standout things Our winters and our World Famous Buffalo Wings, Come Visit!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2012 The Year In Gear

Ive loved ya long time, 2012 is halfway gone (and they already got Halloween shit sitting out on the shelves in stores...Just saying)the year has been interesting...Interesting in my personal life,outside of it, in politics, deaths.Ive accomplished a few things,and I plan on accomplishing a few more as the days roll by..I'll be back,...(One day later)Im back:-), some may not have understood my reference in "Halloween shit being on the shelf" in my quotes up above, I'm trying to write this as if I'm speaking with you, and yesterday while out in a retail store I seen Halloween shit on the shelves for real. No this blog isn't about "Halloween shit",Its about me getting back,Re-introducing, looking back, reflecting, focusing on the Year 2012 bringing me and the audience here up to date on the happenings of me...Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Sis-star's(sister) embrace

Helping others is a Passion of mines for I'm one who understand fully that things happen in life.Women are the back bones of society, without women there would no world population, we birth the children, and children grow up, often time were left along to take care of the children, as mothers we are the teachers, the referee, the cook, the protector, there's so much influence on Disrespecting women on the internet, the media, and we sometimes fall victim to the ills of the world, through drugs, prostitution, abandonment, we feel helpless  in our corners of the earth! we've depleted programs, and we have no one to turn to! lets do something about this. A sisters embrace is something I long to do helping women in need restoring dignity and respect claiming our place back in this world raising well rounded children and daughters so these cycles wont repeat helping out women, my sisters who cry in the night providing services as, self esteem restoration, rehabilitation, G.E.D, housing assistance emergency assistance, job training, teen pregnancy prevention,, childcare food pantry, soup kitchen job placement and more making this a reality would mean so much to a sister in need. And despite all this women are beautiful And we need them what would you do without her.